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ESquared can deliver a range of workshops to establish and help raise the aspirations and develop the employability skills of young people.

Careers and Employability

We deliver the following one day workshops :

  • Goal Setting
  • CV Writing
  • Interview Coaching
  • Employable You
  • Next steps

All workshops are delivered in 2.5 hour sessions to up to 100 students by an accredited licensee.

The Employability Skills training programme is also available as a combined 12 hour module delivered in 6 x 2 hour sessions to 30 pupils at a time giving a more in-depth and personalised service.

These programmes are underpinned by the Youth Employability Skills (YES) Passport

Enterprise 360

This promotes business skills development and can be delivered either as 2-4 day Workshops, Term modules, or as Enterprise weeks. Following a short presentation on key concepts and components, groups of up to 50 are directed to work in teams of 5-6 participants to conceptualise and plan new business or social enterprise ventures.

The Enterprise360 programme has been delivered in primary, secondary, FE and HE settings.

Our Aims:

These programmes have been created for educators to support your existing IAG with the following objectives:-

  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Motivating students to achieve results
  • Reduce the number of NEETs
  • Delivering impartial advice and guidance
  • Inspire students to independently manage their futures
  • Improve future opportunities for young people

Sport4Employability (S4E)

S4E encourages young people (12-18 to learn business and employability skills through the use of sports such as football or cricket as a vehicle for the application of those skills. The programme uses the (YES) Passport tool to ensure that the skills developed are captured and to enhance the employability of the young people

With origins in the UK Sports4Employability has enjoyed most success internationally. See ESquared South Africa, ESquared Turks and Caicos, ESquared India

Our Commitment:

We belong to the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and the Society for Education and Training as we believe in our professional development.  ESquared was created as a social enterprise, and works with students and others creating new and innovative social enterprise projects. One day workshops cost no more than £500 ( approximately £5 per learner).

Junior Enterprise Pic 1   These budding entrepreneurs at an East London primary set up their own tuck shop and were able to describe a number of important business concepts: pricing models, profitmargins, market feasibility, andsegmentation