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ESquared works in partnership with InspireEducation to deliver Careers, Employability and Enterprise programmes for schools and colleges. InspireEducation programmes provide impartial careers learning that helps to raise the aspirations and develop the employability skills of young people.

The InspireEducation programmes have been created with HR and IAG experts for educators with the following objectives:-

  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Motivating students to achieve results
  • Reduce the number of NEET
  • Inspire students to independently manage their futures
  • Delivering excellent quality impartial advice and guidance

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Schools are faced with a never-ending list of issues that need to be urgently addressed, and Ofsted's recent findings suggest careers education often gets missed off the list. Are you confident that your school has a robust and effective careers guidance and monitoring system in place? Here's how we address some of the key points made by the Ofsted report:

Ofsted Key Points

How we can help

Thorough monitoring of the quality of careers guidance provision was rare. “Very few of the schools reported systematically to their governing body on how well they were meeting their new statutory duty.”

We have developed and tested a comprehensive employability audit for schools. You can read a case study and further information here. We also provide information on a range of service providers for free!

Only 12 of the 60 schools visited by inspectors “ensured that all students received sufficient information to consider a wide breadth of career possibilities”.

Our Next Steps workshops cater to groups of up to 100 students and include current labour market information, employability skills, and introduce less known career options.

Vocational training and apprenticeships were “rarely promoted effectively” and aspirations for vulnerable students were “too low”.

Our multi-session Employability Programme teaches the principles of independent career management to groups of up to 30 students. This is an in-depth careers programme designed for students with low aspirations or those who are identified as “at risk”.

About half the schools used their own staff to inform students about careers, but they “often had insufficient training and did not provide students with up-to-date information”.

We also provide CPD for teachers and senior leaders who are tasked with careers provision and new to the role.

InspireEducation has been working in partnership with schools and colleges since 2010 to support the successful transition of young people through education and into the world of work. We:

  • Teach students tools to support them in managing their futures;
  • Develop and regularly update our programmes based on input from employers;
  • Consistently deliver high quality impartial careers education;
  • Have developed a suite of free resources for schools to help them deliver quality IAG.

All programmes are delivered in 2.5 hour sessions to up to 100 students by an accredited licensee. The Employability Skills training programme is also available as a combined 12 hour workshop delivered in 6 x 2 hour sessions to 30 pupils at a time giving a more in-depth and personalised service.

The InspireEducation programmes complement the Your Life is Your Business and Enterprise360 programmes and all learners are encouraged to access the YES Passport tool developed by ESquared.

Even at these tender years actual business enterprises have been created. Children have set up their own sustainable tuck shops or run their own stall at school fairs. 

Key Points from Statutory Careers Guidance for Schools

  • Schools must secure independent (defined as 'external to the school'), impartial (defined as 'showing no bias or favouritism towards a particular education or work option') careers guidance for all of its pupils in years 9-11.
  • This refers to services and activities, intended to assist individuals of any age and to make education, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers.
  • Schools can combine face-to-face service with group/class careers education programmes.

Skills and Attributes 

What are the skills and attributes that employers want from young people? Take part in our consultation on some new employability and career development qualifications which are curently in development for Level 3 (Sixth form/FE/undergrad students) Mapped to recent research on what employers are looking for and evidenced by skills development activity, and supported by delivery of Inspire programmes.