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Your life is your Business

There is a considerable amount of research available into employer views on desired employability attributes of young people in the UK.

The core of that research defines:

The UKCESdefinition of employability is 'the skills almost everyone needs to do almost any job'. 

Employability is not just about skills, it’s also about attitude and behaviour.

Your Life is Your Business is a flexible programme which integrates personal development, employability skills and enterprise skills development to really give young people the best possible options as they start out. It can be delivered over six sessions or as an intensive week programme.  As part of the programme the young people participate in creating a social enterprise project or set up their own enterprises to gain an understanding of how businesses work.

The programme uses a new tool the YES Passport which helps young people evaluate their employability skills and suggests ways to build their skills profile to create a much richer and convincing CV. Their lives are their business.

Your Life Is Your Business encourages young people to use both their time in school/college and their experiences and activities outside of education to widen their career choices.

Case Studies

Our Football Means Business at West Ham

Achievement to be celebrated at Charlton

The programme can be tailored to meet the needs across a range of learners, levels and contexts. In 2012 we used YLYB to work with young people on the National Citizen Scheme summer programme with Charlton Athletic Community Trust.  In 2013 we created ‘Our Football Means Business’ for a group of young people attending the Kickz programme through West Ham in the Community.  These young people aged 12-15 were able to see how their passion for football could be used to evaluate and develop their employability skills.


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