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Planet Employability

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What is Planet Employability?

ESquared are currently working on an exciting new development - Planet Employability (PLE)

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Planet Employability (PLE) - An education that's out of this world!

This is a 21st century teaching and learning tool which uses virtual worlds for employability skills development. ESquared are working with a games developer, MindArk, to create a teaching and learning environment that is cost effective and easily accessible to those who are comfortable in the world of online gaming. This uses an an existing popular online game, Entropia. This will establish an innovative interface between education, the world of work and online gaming. ESquared and its partners will work with young people who are comfortable in using online games but whose employability skills need support.

This opens new avenues for young people from all backgrounds, especially those who are disengaged from traditional education. The digital skills gained by the participants will lead to economic impacts through up-skilling young people entering the workplace. As use of the tool develops business partners will be invited to further support learners and offer in-world internships that will create stronger interfaces between those with skills and those who require them.

PLE works by using a dedicated space within Entropia to encourage young people to complete the online tool, the Youth Employability Skills, YES Passport, which provides tangible evidence of their skills acquisition. Planet Employability will allow users to complete an employability skills audit and identify quests which challenge them to build skills that have been mapped to real world skills, these will be captured in their YES passports and generate an evidence based CV.

PLE is in an early stage and ESquared are currently working with partners to refine the platform in Entropia. Once the prototype is developed the PLE team will collaborate with organisations to offer opportunities to young people across the EU and developing economies. Through engagement with various PLE missions they will complete their YES Passports and generate a cross section of skills. One step in this development is the development of a YES Passport app, for accessibility through mobile technology.

The project was initiated through collaborationwith students at the University of East London. This has already won one student, Timothy, an UnLtd Social Catalyst award for developing a social enterprise project. He is now a director of ESquared and is being funded by Newham Health to create Health Warriors using the Planet Employability model building in healthy lifestyle choices.

Users are able to register for their Healthy LifeStyle Portfolio (HLP), Youth Employability Skills Passport (YES), create an avatar in the Entropia Universe and identify the various healthy lifestyle options, engage employability and enterprise missions for generating in-world currency (PED).