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Projects We Support



Nepal Village Foundation (NVE) is a London based small grassroots organisation which works with local partners and groups in Nepal to improve the livelihoods of the poorest people in rural Nepal.NVE focus mainly on empowering women, supporting girls education, health education and promoting economic development.
NVF has a trading arm which will support fundraising.

Nepal Village Foundation have had a fantastic year and managed to fundraise £6,348 in the financial period. They are now supporting seventy five girls from three village panchayats in Nepal. they now also have a fulltime project assistant and a further nine trained ‘social warriors’ to monitor the girls.

NVF have started a new campaign ‘ONE COFFEE A WEEK’. Basically, it encourages supporters and well-wishers to drink one cup of coffee less a week and donate that money to support the Girl’s Education Project in Nepal. The money from one cup of coffee a week from only twenty five people will be sufficient to keep the seventy five girls in school and pay the ‘social warriors’ and project assistant ’s salary in Nepal.

Please start your challenge today and go to the NVF website - if want to support a cause that changes lives of many poor girls in rural villages of Nepal

 Young Stars

 In 2010 a group of young people got together at Newham College and worked with the Petchey Centre for Entrepreneurship (University of East London) using Enterprise360 in a business enterprise competition as part of Global Enterprise Week.


E Squared also supports other international Enterprise projects including Alchemy 

Alchemy World empowers young adults in Ethiopia to become successful entrepreneurs that are financially self-sufficient and capable of employing others.The objective is to alleviate poverty in the poorest communities, this is achieved through social entrepreneurship, focused education and a business support programme.

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See the case study for an example of Alchemy’s work:

Hindo and Helen