ESquared, (E2 Enterprise and Employability) is a social enterprise which strives to promote enterprise and employability across the education sector, encouraging children, young people and those at a disadvantage to engage in an entrepreneurial and business focused mind set.

ESquared has been involved in several Erasmus+, delivering impact in a variety of key themes such as Refugee Integration, Digital Skills for the 3rd Age. Currently acting as project lead on the NEMO project, we continue to make a difference where it matters by deploying our expertise in transnational projects.


E4 is an employability model which is digitally based, E4 works by using a process of online skills assessment and assignments to help people develop their employability skills E4 has been designed to allow users access to resources which support enhancement of employability sklls relevant to whichever country tin which they reside. Each country zone is managed by a partner who will tailor and translate resources to suit local needs and conditions. Currently the E4World network stands at 120 organisations across 85 countries. Many of these organisations are partners on E4World projects, increasing our reach and capacity internationally.

E4World contains the Skills Zone, consisting of 18 Digital Assignments aimed at young people, enabling them to build their employability skills. The YES Passport app enables participants to record and ‘stamp’ the skills they developed in the digital assignments. The E4World Skills Zone and YES app was recently trialled on the Erasmus+ funded Refugee Integration through Dignity, Health and Employability Project. 

More info on the E4World model can be found at