Signing Banks (Erasmus+ 2020 – 2022)

Signing Banks aims to highlight the needs of people with disabilities, more specifically to d/Deaf customers, who seek full financial inclusion. Persons with disabilities & d/Deafness have been amongst those traditionally marginalized from the financial services sector through a mix of inaccessibility, presumptions of limited need & capacity to manage finances, & mindsets that have not view them as a profitable consumer base. 

This paradigm is now rapidly changing with growing evidence of the demand and need for access to services as well as the increasing income base of persons with disabilities around the world. Persons with disabilities and diverse abilities are demanding better and easier access to the entire range of financial services. Access to and inclusion is important to persons across the economic spectrum. And for persons with disabilities who live under the poverty line, it is essential that they are involved in financial inclusion initiatives & programmes that will empower them and enable them to become financially independent.

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Four countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) are participating in a collaboration project to map the provision of accessible financial services within their countries and elsewhere in Europe. The project has three specific objectives:

  1. Create a repository of good practice case studies
  2. Create clear guidelines for banking and financial service institutions on how implement accessibility measures in their communication and products.
  3. Create a training package for d/Deaf adults to assist them to improve their financial education and ability to communicate with financial institutions.

ESquared is undertaking this project as UK partner.

We are currently conducting research with people who are d/Deaf or have hearing difficulties and with organisations that advocate and support the d/Deaf community.

The project will conclude in September 2022.